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Chess is more than just a game; it's a tool for enhancing self-awareness and strategic thinking in both their academic and social lives. We prioritize a customer-first approach to learning, making sure each lesson contributes to your child's growth as a player and thinker.

  • Unlimited phone & text consultations for chess practice 5 days a week to our members!
  • Select a learning approach that suits you: fun and engaging or results-oriented.
  • Purchase a package and get private lessons for just $70 each.
  • Under the Gold Membership program, group lessons start at $20 per lesson.
  • Free online and in person tournaments for our members.
  • Certification program available.
  • Our roster of coaches includes Fide Masters and Grandmasters.

We teach students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Each course is designed with a focus on practical strategies and techniques to improve your gameplay. You'll learn to outthink opponents and win more through a deeper understanding of the game.

Our online chess lessons are tailored to your individual goals. Whether you're looking to refine your gameplay or learn new strategies, our courses are structured to provide clear, actionable insights. You'll gain not just knowledge of chess but also the skills to apply strategic concepts in various aspects of life.

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What Our Clients Say

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Sara Klenoff's avatar
Our 11-year-old son is in virtual group lessons and one-to-one sessions with Shir and other coaches at the academy. In two years, he has made significant progress and thoroughly enjoys learning and playing chess. Shir brings out the fun and enjoyment of playing chess, while learning life skills like winning and losing in a respectful way, along with concentration and thinking. I thoroughly recommend the London Chess Academy.

Sara Klenoff

Attorney at Barbri

Samantha Hailey's avatar
My 11 year old son Ethan has been attending chess sessions with Shir for a couple of years. His chess has come on in leaps and bounds, and Shir has continued to stretch and challenge him throughout. He still looks forward to the classes every week and clearly has a lot of fun! I would highly recommend the club.

Samantha Hailey


Yoram Ashery's avatar
Aside from her captivating smile, Shir exudes determination, brilliance, and resourcefulness with every lesson. Shir has significantly nurtured my love for chess and fuelled my passion and excellence in science and technology. By constantly challenging my curiosity, intellect, preparation, and self-belief, Shir deserves considerable credit for my achievements. She is so much more than a chess teacher - Shir is an exceptional life coach.

Yoram Ashery

CEO at Nostromo Energy

Behnoosh Farzam, DDS's avatar
I have three children, 5, 7 and 10, who have benefited from Shir’s expertise in teaching chess, along with her passion for the game. They sit for hours with chess puzzles and their only complaint is that no lesson with Shir is long enough. What sets Shir apart is her patience and ability to bond with the students. I highly recommend her.

Behnoosh Farzam, DDS

UCLA School of Dentistry

Nurit Reder's avatar
Shir is super professional and extremely pleasant to work with. She has a rare combination of kindness, intelligence and endless motivation. For more than a decade she has taught my son and I chess, combining theoretical knowledge with tactics, puzzles and studies. Through her professionalism and a significant tutoring presence, she delivers wonderful courses for students at all levels of their chess journey.

Nurit Reder

CEO at Mat-Pals

Idan Lavi's avatar
Shir created strategic ways to teach children to improve their creativity, patience and tactical thinking. She also excels in pedagogical and professional methods of teaching, and she has a strong track record in organising and managing tournaments.

Idan Lavi

Manager of Herzliya Chess Club

Nirit ben Meir's avatar
My son has been enjoying Shir’s chess club for two years and going. He calls it "training my brains". He became the best player in the family, gained new skills, learned to implement strategies, analyse the chess board and solve puzzles. Shir gives each student a personal attention and challenges them to achieve their highest potential.

Nirit ben Meir

Designer and Artist

Sarit Dupler's avatar
I am delighted to recommend Shir and her team at the London Chess Academy. My oldest boy started three years ago and fell in love with chess, even persuading his friends to join the academy. Her passion and motivation for chess influence the children. My youngest child also joined the club. I can’t recommend Shir enough!

Sarit Dupler

Eastern Medicine Senior Practitioner

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