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We teach students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Each course is designed with a focus on practical strategies and techniques to improve your gameplay. You'll learn to outthink opponents and win more through a deeper understanding of the game.

Our online chess lessons are tailored to your individual goals. Whether you're looking to refine your gameplay or learn new strategies, our courses are structured to provide clear, actionable insights. You'll gain not just knowledge of chess but also the skills to apply strategic concepts in various aspects of life.

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Liat Lachish Levy 's avatar
I've been introduced to Shir through a friend in venture capital during my investment round. Little did I know, I was about to rediscover my childhood passion for chess and unlock a wealth of insights for my business journey. Shir's teachings brilliantly bridge the gap between chess and business, revealing profound parallels in strategy, adaptability, and decision-making. Her structured approach not only sharpens strategic thinking but also ignites creativity in problem-solving. Through Shir's guidance, I've not only reignited my love for chess but also gained a deeper understanding of its relevance to the startup world. It is providing me with valuable tools and actionable insights for my leadership role.

Liat Lachish Levy

CEO at ChickP

Amit Pilowsky's avatar
I started studying chess with Shir a couple of years back thinking that I need some 'gym workout' for my brain. Since then, I enjoy studying chess immensely thanks to Shir’s deep understanding of the content, her captivating way to teach and explain complicated concepts, and all that through the convenience of studying on Zoom. I highly recommend it to anyone, beginner or advanced player!

Amit Pilowsky

Co-Founder, Key1 Capital

Amir Portiansky's avatar
I was in a rating vacuum which veered 100 points up and down. I was recommended to Shir by a friend who went from a beginner to a strong player in a year through her brilliant coaching. Three months later, my ranking was heading upward; after eight months, it was 700 points higher online, and 300 points over the board. Shir also helped me find a club, and I now play in Leagues and tournaments.

Amir Portiansky

General manager at Onami

Nurit Reder's avatar
Shir is super professional and extremely pleasant to work with. She has a rare combination of kindness, intelligence and endless motivation. For more than a decade she has taught my son and I chess, combining theoretical knowledge with tactics, puzzles and studies. Through her professionalism and a significant tutoring presence, she delivers wonderful courses for students at all levels of their chess journey.

Nurit Reder

CEO at Mat-Pals

Yoram Ashery's avatar
Aside from her captivating smile, Shir exudes determination, brilliance, and resourcefulness with every lesson. Shir has significantly nurtured my love for chess and fuelled my passion and excellence in science and technology. By constantly challenging my curiosity, intellect, preparation, and self-belief, Shir deserves considerable credit for my achievements. She is so much more than a chess teacher - Shir is an exceptional life coach.

Yoram Ashery

CEO at Nostromo Energy

Ed Hochman's avatar
Shir's chess classes are beyond amazing! I looked forward to each class and immensely enjoyed them. I don't know how she was so patient, but I wish I had a fraction of it! She is highly professional and genuinely inspired me. I strongly recommend her services if you and/or your family want to learn chess in a fun environment!

Ed Hochman

President at Hawk Managements

Idan Lavi's avatar
Shir excels in pedagogical and professional methods of teaching, and she has a strong track record in organising and managing tournaments.

Idan Lavi

Manager of Herzliya Chess Club

Behnoosh Farzam, DDS's avatar
I have three children, 5, 7 and 10, who have benefited from Shir’s expertise in teaching chess, along with her passion for the game. They sit for hours with chess puzzles and their only complaint is that no lesson with Shir is long enough. What sets Shir apart is her patience and ability to bond with the students. I highly recommend her.

Behnoosh Farzam, DDS

UCLA School of Dentistry

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